Crystal UHD Vs QLED: Which One Outweighs The Other?

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If you are learning about TVs, you will probably be confused between many concepts such as Qled, Nanocell, Crystal UHD, and more. These are essentially all types of improved screens and have different picture modes and processors. 

Every kind of TV brings different experiences to users. So which TV is suitable for your needs? Let’s find out and compare the two best screens today, Crystal UHD Vs QLED!

Crystal UHD vs Qled Overview

Crystal uhd vs qled

UHD (Ultra-High Definition) refers to TVs with 4K image processors. These monitors will give you a fresher sense of color with sparkling crystal colors.

With Crystal UHD, your picture quality will improve by enhancing the contrast ratio. In addition, if you are looking for a TV to watch movies in the evening, this is a suitable choice because it is very reflective and easily visible at night.

However, Crystal UHD still has a few disadvantages, such as low screen brightness or sometimes software errors during use.

QLED is probably more familiar and famous to many people. These TVs use technology that enhances the TV’s display. 

Crystal uhd vs qled

You can quickly feel and compare Quantum LED TVs will have better color and light display. The screen’s bright spots are nanocrystals, providing a full range of colors and more realistic colors.

Regarding advantages, it has a realistic screen, so it will be usable and give good image quality in all lighting conditions. In addition, you can also save more electricity because QLED uses less power.

Users often complain about TVs using Quantum LED screens because of the uneven display quality. The screen depends quite a lot on the lighting conditions and the viewer’s location. If you stand up or move, you will feel the screen glare.

Crystal UHD Vs QLED Comparison

To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each product, it is necessary to evaluate each of its functions in detail.

Crystal uhd vs qled

Image resolution

Overall, both types of monitors are among the most expensive and high-end models available today. 

So they all give high-quality images, enough to satisfy viewers with crystal UHD with advanced technology for 4K quality display. The pixels on the screen will be flexible, and there will be a difference in the screen size.

QLED does not have a flattering color mode, giving users a more realistic feeling when watching TV. You can adjust some content up to 8K and customize the pixel mode separately. 

So you can control the light and adjust the desired saturation. A unique feature of the QLED is that it has back-illumination that makes it easier to increase brightness and adjust color tones.

Sound quality

Both audio technologies use Q Series and soundbar, giving Q Symphony surround sound. This audio technology is very suitable for listening to chamber music or watching movies. 

The voice amplifier works sensitively and can control the volume to suit the surrounding space.

Gaming experience

If you are a gamer and want a wide screen to satisfy that passion, you can’t ignore QLED. A screen with multiple pixels will support a wide variety of games. Game technologies like Enhancer and FreeSync also guarantee one.

As for gaming, the crystal UHD screen is not as good as QLED compared to the user experience. Crystal UHD still ensures users a smooth feeling when playing. However, the games are less updated.

Now, check this video for more details!

QLED Crystal UHD
Microprocessor Quantum Processor 4K and 8K 4K Crystal Processor
Technology used Quantum dot filter enhances color performance Standard LED technology at 4K resolution
Contrast and Brightness Higher contrast and brightness, over 4,000:1 . contrast ratio High contrast and brightness, contrast ratio can exceed 4,000:1 in more expensive models
Perfect viewing conditions Any, but better in dark, dimly lit rooms Daylight
View Narrow in general but improved with recent models Narrower than the competitor, some change color for viewers sitting outside
Customer segment High-class Medium
Power Consumption Low High


QLED and Crystal UHD are both the best monitors available today. Each type has its advantages. 

You can consider the Crystal UHD line if you have a tight budget. If you set higher requirements and have a large amount of money to invest, perhaps it will be an excellent choice for you.


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