Is 24-Inch Good For 4K? The Optimal Size For UHD

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4K is one of the best screen resolutions. 4K can deliver sharp image quality and vivid details, making it an excellent resolution for gaming and movie watching. 

So, how to pick the optimal screen sizes for 4K resolution? Is 24-inch good for 4K? How to enhance your experience when using UHD? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Is 24-Inch Good For 4K?

In general, 24 inches are not an optimal screen size for 4K resolution. It’s too small to satisfy users’ experience. Also, it cannot fully take advantage of the high density of pixels 4K brings. 

The image quality and screen sizes are two core factors that affect users’ viewing experience. A high-quality monitor should feature both large size and high screen resolution. 

 24 inches are more suitable for lower resolutions
24 inches are more suitable for lower resolutions – My LG 24-Inch Monitor

4K on a 24-inch screen will not bring you the best experience because 24 inches are too small and cannot take advantage of the high number of pixels in 4K. 

You can find a few 24-inch 4K product lines on the market. Yet, these are only some rare products. These models aim at minimizing the cost rather than delivering the best viewing experience. 

The most popular screen sizes for 4K range from 27 to 32 inches. In the following sections, I will explain in detail why 4K is a better option for large-size monitors. 

Why Is 4K On a 24-inch Monitor Not Optimal?

Image resolution indicates the total number of pixels a screen contains. For example, a Full HD monitor contains around 2 million pixels. Meanwhile, a 4K screen possesses 8,294,400 pixels (4 times higher than Full HD). 

The larger screen size will shred the pixels and make the image quality less sharp. For instance, a 24-inch monitor with Full HD will deliver better image quality than a 27-inch one with the same resolution. 

You will need a larger screen for 4K
You will need a larger screen for 4K

Therefore, most Full HD monitors come with smaller screen sizes to avoid affecting image quality. However, it’s a different story for 4K with its significantly higher number of pixels. 

Due to the high number of pixels, manufacturers can easily equip a 4K panel on larger screen sizes without compromising the image quality. UHD resolution can go with 34 inches and still bring a good viewing experience. 

For this reason, using 4K on a 24-inch display is not optimal. Despite high image quality, it won’t help you take advantage of the high number of pixels. The small screen size also affects your viewing satisfaction. 

What Are The Optimal Size For 4K? 

It’s apparent that 24 inches are not the best choice for 4K. So, what are the most optimal screen sizes to consider? 

Most popular 4K monitors on the market range from 32 inches to 40 inches in size. These large sizes are also the most optimal choices for UHD resolution. They can bring a much larger viewing area than 24 inches. 

Plus, the large screen sizes can take advantage of the high number of pixels in 4K better. They will deliver better color depth and image quality.

The only setback is that they feature much higher costs than a 24-inch display. 

How To Choose A Suitable Screen Size For Your Need?

Go for larger screen sizes if you want to achieve the best image quality
Go for larger screen sizes if you want to achieve the best image quality – LG 32-inch Monitor.
LG 32UN500-W Monitor 32″ UltraFine (3840 x 2160) Display, AMD FreeSync,…
  • 32 Inch UHD (3840 x 2160) VA Display.Specific uses for…
  • Viewing Angle is 178º(R/L), 178º(U/D);…

A 27-inch 4K monitor may be the best choice if you are looking for a tight-budget option. It still provides excellent image quality and satisfies all your basic needs. 

Meanwhile, go for a 32-inch or even 40-inch 4K monitor if budget is not your concern. They bring the best experience and assist users in multitasking. 


Does Screen Size Matter For 4K?

A larger size allows users to divide the screen into many sections and perform many tasks at once. Large monitors also deliver a better viewing experience when users sit at a far distance from the screen. 

Are 24 Inches Too Small For Gaming?

24-inch is still a great option for performance-based gaming. Its small size allows gamers to focus on small details better. You can also push the resolution to higher standards and achieve better image quality. 

Does 4K Look Better On The Smaller Monitor?

The pixels will get concentrated on a smaller screen. Thus, it will provide better image quality and sharper details. However, too many pixels on a small screen can affect the color depth.

Final Thoughts

In general, 24 inches are not a good screen size for 4K monitors. It’s only ideal for 1080p screens with lower image quality. Therefore, it may be difficult to find 4K monitors that come in 24 inches.

If budget is not your concern, I won’t recommend you go for a 24-inch 4K monitor. The best screen sizes to consider range from 32 to 40 inches. You can consider your usage needs to pick a suitable option.


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